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Welcome to Guri City, the Beautiful Green City in the Waterfront.

The 9 Scenic Points Guri

  • Donggureung
  • Jangja Lake Park
  • Mt. Acha
  • Han River Park
  • Guri Tower
  • Insect Ecology Museum
  • Guri Farm&
  • Doldari Gopchang Street
  • Great King Ganggaeto’s

Mayor of Guri City - Park Young-sun

  • History
  • City Symbols
  • Location Map


  • Medical Service
  • Passport information
  • The I course - A dulle-gil with history and nature
  • The II course - A dulle-gil with ecological restoration and life
  • The III course - Guri-si is also a beautiful river side city. The Hangang River flows through the city, and Wangsukcheon
  • The IV course - A maeul an-gil (a road surrounding a village) with Guri-si history

Immigration Contact Center more

For information about administration and general inquiries for living in Korea


  • Guri Cosmos Festival
  • Donggureung Culture Festival
  • Guri Rape Flower Festival
  • Events of Citizen's Day

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