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Passport information

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Passport information

Passport issuing period : 4 business days

You need to apply in person and must identify by fingerprint. (exception under 18)

Required documents

  • 1 Passport application (prescribed form is equipped in passport office)
  • 1 passport photo
  • Identification (citizenship, valid driver's licence, official card, service person's identification)
  • → cannot use your expired/previous but valid passport as an identification
  • Fee
  • Military service related documents (only person who applies to)
  • → For those who are under 18 must apply with parent(s) and must know "place of family register." (The place of family register can be checked by "certificate of basic information" and it can be issued at Ilsandong-gu Office and Community Service Center.

You should bring a memo for below list

  • Place of Registration Standard, emergency contact within the country
  • Passport applicant's name in romanized Korean (romanize Korean writing is equipped in the passport office)
  • → For those applicants who are renewing must use same name in romanized Korean.
  • Applicants who are applying for single entry passport, must verify if you can enter the country with single entry passport.