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Guri dulle-gil

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Guri dulle-gil

Walk along the mountains and river; Meet yourself at Guri dulle-gil

As a Slow City trend becomes popular among citizens living busy lives, [Walking] has become one of hot issues. Thanks to the Slow City boom, not only Spanish but also people from all around the world are joining walking along 800km of the ascetic road where disciples of Jesus walked in Santiago, Spain centuries ago. A number of visitors to Jeju olle-gil and Jirisan dulle-gil has been increasing for years as well.
Guri-si has built 4 course of dulle-gil that connects Wangsuk-cheon, Jangja-mot, Hangang, and Achasan, which are surrounded by natural attractions with mountains and rivers.
Guri dulle-gil is a road that provides sounds of birds and water streaming, smells of soil and grass, and warmness of human being to you.

The I course (15.8km)

[The I course of Guri dulle-gil] starts with Jangja Lake park that has valuable ecological restoration resources. Then, it connects to Guri Hangang park, where you can see flowers blooming for all 4 seasons, Goguryeo forge village, Boru fortress in Achasan, and boundaries of graves in Mangu-ri, which is the place maintaining historical moments for great names. The I course is [a dulle-gil with history and nature].

The II course (9.6Km)

The II course is 9.6Kms long. In this course, you can experience 3 different attractions. First, you can see the statue of Gwanggaeto the Great of Goguryeo, which delivers the spirit of Goguryeo. Second, you can experience Guri Hangang Park, where you can see flowers blooming for all 4 seasons. Last, you can also enjoy Guri Wangsuk-cheon Park, which is known as the best jogging and walking course in suburban area. The II course is [a dulle-gil with ecological restoration and life].

The III course(7.3Km)

The III course is 7.3Kms long from Guri Station and consists of 「Trail with Living and Old Vestiges」 with Guri Square for 4-season amusement space, a sewage treatment plant showing the rules of ecosystem, Insect Ecological Museum, New Renewable Energy Promotive Museum, Guri Resource Recovery Facility a convenience facility where is not derelict but creates energy and Guri Tower, Beolmal and stone island with old watercourse of Wangsukcheon.

The IV course (6.7Km)

The IV course is 6.7Kms long. In this course, you can experience 4 different attractions. First, you can see the World Heritage, Donggureung, which imbued with the life breath of Chosun Dynasty. Second, you can also see Monument to Na Mangab (Sindobi), which praises his patriotic spirit. Third, you can experience Sano-ri village, which reflects Guri-si in old times. Last, you can enjoy Guri Wangsuk Sports Park, which used to be a landfill can be found. The IV course is [a maeul an-gil (a road surrounding a village) with Guri-si history]

The final spot in which all the courses end is Guri Market, Namyang Market, and Guri agricultural and Marine Products Market. Therefore, visitors can experience the traditional market in Korea and also shop at the market.