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Guri is a city of renowned history alive with the spirit of Achasan Goguryeo.
The famous historical Joseon Dynasty royal tombs of Donggureung are located at Guri.

Guri-si is also a beautiful riverside city. The Hangang River flows through the city, and Wangsukcheon and Jangja Lake Park are located in Guri-si. The city is proud of its naturally blessed scenery of mountains and rivers where its residents live in harmony with nature in this garden city.
In addition, this city is a crossroads for transportation. Many transportation routes cross in Guri-si. The Jungang Line Railway has recently re-opened along with the opening of Subway Line 8. Subway line 6 and the Gyeongchun Line along with the Seoul Beltway Expressway, the Gangbyeon Expressway, the Gyeongchun National Highway, and National Highway No. 43 are all important transportation links located in Guri-si. This area is the heart of the northeastern commercial distribution area. It has a virtually limitless potential for growth while becoming the hub city of new knowledge, technology, information and culture. Guri-si is located on the east of Seoul.

Along with 200,000 Guri residents, the mayor and 600 public servants have been burning the midnight oil to develop its culture and tourism industry.? Our goal is to become the education and culture-oriented center in the eastern part of Seoul. With an environmentally friendly culture and being a life-long city of learning, we will vitalize the local economy to improve the quality of life for all residents.

Guri City is striving to be the world-class city with the vision: "Spirit of Goguryeo, Guri City of Korea"

We are working to make the city a place where people desire to live. Our administrative innovation, expansion basis for the local economy, generation of advanced education and culture, green environment and green city, and advanced welfare administration are the things that appeal to people. Now, we invite you to come to Guri City to spread out your wings of hope and dream for tomorrow.

Dear visitors to the website of Guri City, with your special affection and interest I hope that this web site is a 'place of meeting' to learn more about Guri City and share useful information and knowledge. I would love to have your affectionate encouragement and involvement with us. Thank you.

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